Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facial Exercise: Prevent Skin from Wrinkles and Sagging

Exercises are meant to relax the body and increase blood circulation; they tone up the muscles, stretch them to flex and keep the body fit. So the same way facial exercise helps to tone up the facial muscles and help to keep them relaxed.
If done properly for few minutes in a day, facial exercises help people to reduce stiffness and dullness from the face and decrease wrinkles. It increases the elasticity of the skin. Facial exercise's main motive is keeping the skin muscles in it place and maintaining the tissues from early aging. Regular facial exercise can do more wonders than many expensive cosmetics do to the skin.
One can do facial exercise in any time of the day, like other body parts' workout it doesn't have any rules for the stomach to be filled light or empty. One can do them while taking bath, reading newspaper, driving, traveling or watching television.
Here are some facial exercises to help facial skin get toned and young.

  • In the morning after doing toothbrush, fill some air in your mouth and then leave it slowly, do this practice 4-5 times. Its an easy exercise and can be done by anybody. It keeps the cheeks toned and glowing.
  • Close your lips, take your mouth in the left and then in the right. Practice it 3-4 times and you will feel a good stretch on the muscles around your mouth and lips.
  • Pull the eyebrows up a down, hold them up for 10 counts and then slowly get them down. It's a relaxing exercise for the eyebrows.
  • Twitch the nose and fill the air in it, drop it down and then release the air.
  • Breathing should be proper while doing any of the workouts no matter whether it's for whole body or for just the face.
  • Use your fingers upwards from the lower of your eyes to the sides of the forehead; it relives the stress from the facial muscles.
  • Move your eyes in circular motions from left to upward, then right and down, practice it at least five times. It makes you feel extremely relaxed on your eyes and whenever you are tired while reading or working on computers for long hours, you can do it and relaxes your eye muscle.
  • Hold both your lips inside your mouth, inhale and hold the breath for few seconds and release it. Do it 4-5 times and you will relax the lips and muscle around them.
  • Even while doing facial exercise keep the hands clean or the skin might get infection with dirty hands and can break out in acne and pimples.
  • Tap the face slowly and lightly with the fingertips to increase the blood circulation.
  • Chewing gum too is a very good form of exercise. One can even pretend in the mouth as if one is chewing the gum and it stretches the entire facial muscles and helps them to relax.
  • Making a smiling face and then holding it for few second and releasing it are as good exercise for the cheeks.
  • There are some lightweight, battery operated equipments are available in the market to use for facial exercises.
  • On the forehead, put your middle and index fingers on above exactly your eyebrows and put pressure on them. Release it and repeat it for 5-6 times.
  • Stroke your chin in upward motions using both your thumbs. It helps reducing the double chin.
  • Blow off air from mouth as you are filling air in a balloon, it's a helpful exercise in filling the flat cheeks.
  • Overall, doing all these facial exercises even for few minutes in a day relaxes facial muscles, tones up them, reduce fine lines from the face and gives you a smooth, flawless skin.
  • Even the complexion improves because whatever exercise is done; it improves the blood circulation in that part of the body so it helps to rejuvenate the skin to look and feel better.
Facial exercise help in reducing lines from the face that is the sign of old age. It reduces the forehead lines, lines around the lips and crowfeet, which some people get around eyes. It helps lips become thick and fuller. Saggy and loose cheeks become tight and fuller. It reduces the puffiness which one gets around the eyes. Decrease the wrinkles as it tones up the skin. It increases the vitality and elasticity of the skin.
There is hardly any chance to do facial exercise wrong but still if one feels any uneasiness or stress on the face with any of the exercise, one should stop practicing it.
Any skin type or age group can follow these exercises to get rid of wrinkles and other early age signs.

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